System Overview

EXSUN agricultural machinery information solution integrates Beidou satellite navigation and positioning, Internet of things sensor, geographic information system, wireless communication, information fusion and data processing and other high and new technologies to equip Beidou information terminal with agricultural machinery. Through the system platform, it provides operation data collection, data collection and data processing for Mechanized Sowing, transplanting, plant protection, harvesting, subsoiling, straw returning and other agricultural machinery operations Automatic processing, statistical analysis, fine management and other services provide a set of scientific, fair and effective agricultural machinery operation management solutions for government management departments, agricultural machinery cooperation organizations and agricultural machinery manufacturers.

Functional Features

Beidou Positioning

The agricultural machinery positioning terminal is assembled on the agricultural machinery, and the positioning terminal is connected with the Beidou satellite system to obtain the accurate position of agricultural machinery in real time and realize the real-time positioning and tracking of agricultural machinery

Agricultural machinery operation monitoring

Real time monitoring operation data of selected agricultural machinery, including online status of agricultural machinery terminal, operation depth, operation speed, operation mileage, real-time area, etc

Area statistical analysis

Combined with the high-definition image of geographic information system, the work area is counted by the way of land parcel, and the completed work parcel is colored and displayed, so that the completed work area can be clear at a glance

Working area and quality check

Provide the area verification method of plot level. The system automatically identifies the plot area and marks the operation area on the high-definition image, so the inspectors can check the agricultural machinery operation plots one by one very conveniently

Agricultural machinery dispatching

Agricultural machinery cooperation organizations can send scheduling instructions to designated agricultural machinery through platform software and mobile app to realize cross regional operation guidance of agricultural machinery

Real time area measurement

Using the mobile app, the area measurement is started before the agricultural machinery operation. No operation is required during the operation. After the operation is completed, the area measurement is finished, and the operation area is automatically obtained. The measurement is accurate and the operation is simple

System Value

Real time overall supervision and decision-making of agricultural machinery operation

Accurately grasp the progress of agricultural machinery operation; Real time query of agricultural machinery input and geographical distribution; Agricultural machinery command and dispatch; Establish standardized management process

Agricultural machinery positioning and historical track query; Real time monitoring of agricultural machinery operation; Operation area query; In the process of operation, it can save manpower and time cost

Establish a huge user information base; Big data intelligent business analysis, scientific guidance of production, sales and services; Changing passive service into active service; Improve the scientific and technological content of agricultural machinery products, increase sales highlights; Enhance user stickiness

System Application

Beidou agricultural machinery operation refined management platform has been widely promoted and applied in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hubei, Liaoning, Sichuan, Ningxia, Xinjiang and other places, including harvesting, weeding, straw returning, rice transplanting, deep loosening and other activities. System into Hubei Province agricultural machinery purchase subsidy catalog.